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In addition to using Goldwell Color, we recently began using the new LiQWD hair care products on our clients and have never seen such amazing, exciting results.  Try them once and you will see what we mean. (

While traditional hair care products deposit treatment ingredients onto hair’s surface layer for underwhelming results, microscopic Nano-Hydraspheres™ carry proprietary blends of hydrating and revitalizing ingredients through the outer hair shaft, deep into the all-important cortex layer, where they control-release essential moisture, active nutrients and strengthening compounds. The result is exponentially increased long-term benefits for strong, healthy hair.

The breakthrough color protection strategy featured in all LiQWD products, ColorLife Technology® delivers sophisticated UV filters that seal color and essential moisture in, keep UV rays out and form a protective webbing around each hair to guard against heat, environmental damage, breakage and frizz. The result is unparalleled richness, color brilliance and weightless shine.

The delicately balanced cleansing system in LiQWD shampoos utilizes organic hydrotropes and buffering agents to create a rich, creamy lather that cleans thoroughly, rinses quickly, leaves no drying residue and helps prevent color oxidation for continuous brilliance. The result is clean, vital, manageable hair.

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All Goldwell products are developed according to the professional standards of hairdressers. Sound experience and knowledge about hair cosmetic products and their effect on hair and scalp enables them to offer completely individual shampoos and special treatments as well as styling products for all individuals.
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